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Crush Your Anxiety

Tame Your Anxiety:14 Habits to Reduce Worry, Boost Your Mood, and Take Control of Your Fear

Do anxiety and worry keep you from enjoying life? Feel overwhelmed and stressed a lot of the time? Ever feel like fear is holding you back?

We all experience anxiety from time to time. But if anxiety becomes chronic, it can be a real drag on your life. You miss out on important opportunities, suffer health consequences, or just feel plain miserable a lot of the time.

The truth is: anxiety is largely a result of the habits we carry out all day long without thinking. If you have been trying to treat your anxiety without focusing on your habits, you have been missing a major piece of the puzzle.

The solution is to adopt new, specific habits that support healthy anxiety levels. By making targeted changes to your diet, exercise, relationships, nature exposure and more, you can build a life with reduced anxiety. 

In Tame Your Anxiety, you will learn how to starve off the bad habits that feed anxiety and replace them with new, beneficial habits.

In Tame Your Anxiety, author Dan Leigh shares the tips and strategies that have helped him in his own 20-year battle against anxiety and OCD. He outlines 14 specific habits you can incorporate into your daily routine for maximum results.

You will learn:

• How to change your breathing to gain a lifetime of benefits 

• 2 simple nutritional supplements that are tactical weapons against anxiety

• Why most of what you’ve been taught about exercise is dead wrong

• A specific type of food no anxiety sufferer should ever eat

• 1 mineral deficiency that can singlehandedly cause anxiety problems

• 2 types of mindfulness practice (and how to use them to support your recovery)

• Why you should seek out fear and anxiety on a daily basis

Tame Your Anxiety contains specific steps to follow, and plenty of resources to guide you along the road to recovery. This is not a book to be read and forgotten when the next bright, shiny object arrives. It is a book to refer to again and again as you build a life with reduced anxiety.

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