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6 Steps to Mindfulness

6 Steps to Mindfulness: How to Use an Ancient Practice to Reduce Stress, Calm Anxiety, and Live in the Present Moment

Have you ever thought meditation is out of your reach? Struggle with anxiety or depression? Want someone to take you by the hand and teach you how to develop a mindfulness practice?

The truth is: anyone can have a solid, daily mindfulness practice. The problem is that most times people do not know where to begin.

Have you ever read an article about mindfulness, but not had the first clue how to incorporate it into your life? You are not alone. This book is for anyone who has ever had a desire to practice mindfulness, but did not know where to begin.

Author Dan Leigh practices mindfulness daily to help manage his anxiety and OCD symptoms. In 6 Steps to Mindfulness, he shares the secrets he has learned, and the exact mindfulness practices he uses to improve his mental health and enjoyment of life.

6 Steps to Mindfulness is Book 1 of the Discover Mindfulness series, and is approximately 152 pages in length.

Mindfulness practice can have many benefits, including the following.

• Reduced stress

• Increased ability to cope with unpleasant situations

• Improved mood

• Stronger immune system

• Improved focus and concentration

Even if you have only 10 minutes a day to practice, you can gain incredible benefits from mindfulness. No need to become a Buddhist monk, or change anything else about your life. Mindfulness is a universal skill available to all human beings, and 6 Steps to Mindfulness is an instruction manual for gaining this skill.

Do you feel your life is passing too quickly, and that you aren’t fully experiencing it? Life is short, and we only experience each moment once. Mindfulness is an ancient skill that can help you to fully experience the moments of your life.

In 6 Steps to Mindfulness, you will discover:

• 5 reasons people quit mindfulness practice (and how to avoid these potential stumbling blocks)

• An important type of mindfulness practice that does not involve meditation

• 2 secret practices from ancient China that can greatly enhance your mindfulness practice

• How mindfulness can be used to treat anxiety and depression

• And much more . . .

It is possible for you to incorporate this ancient practice into your routine. You need not have prior experience with meditation. You simply need an open mind and a desire to live a more mindful life.

Purchase 6 Steps to Mindfulness today so you can experience the benefits of mindfulness as soon as possible.