The Dan Leigh Show 006: The Skinny on Organic Foods

Organic foods are getting increasingly popular these days, but do you ever get confused about them? What foods should you buy organic? Are organic foods worth the extra money?

In this episode, I answer those questions and more.

You will learn:

• Why buying organic foods is putting your money in the right place

• What organic certification actually means

• Why some foods are better than organic, but do not have the certification

• Which foods you should always buy organic

• The foods you do not need to buy organic (but can if you want to)

I hope this episode gets you inspired to incorporate more organic foods into your diet!

Resources and Links

2017 EWG Dirty Dozen List: A list put out by the Environmental Working Group that tells you which foods (produce) you REALLY need to buy organic.

2017 EWG Clean 15 List: A list put out by the Envirommental Working Group that tells you which foods (produce) are least important to buy organic (but you can if you want to.)



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