The Dan Leigh Show 003: Treating Anxiety with Lifestyle Changes

I give you an introduction to my book “Tame Your Anxiety.” The book is based around my belief that anxiety problems are mostly caused by habits and lifestyle. We have a lot to deal with in our modern world, and a lot of what we deal with causes us anxiety!

In this episode, I give you a taste of the different “life areas” I cover in the book. Diet, exercise, breathing, mindfulness and more are covered. The idea is to form new habits that support healthy anxiety levels. An added bonus is that you will improve many aspects of your life simultaneously as you work to improve your anxiety. By learning to breathe properly, your overall health will improve. By reducing the amount of processed foods in your diet, you will most likely lose weight and feel more vital.

By forming new, beneficial habits you will crowd out the harmful habits that are supporting your chronic anxiety.

I have suffered from OCD for over 20 years, so I have tried just about everything to help reduce my anxiety. The only thing I have found that works is…well…everything! It was only when I began to approach recovery in a holistic way and formed habits in these important “life areas” that I saw improvement.

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Tame Your Anxiety on Amazon: This is my book, and I’m proud of it. Available on Kindle and as a paperback.



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