The Dan Leigh Show 002: What Is OCD and Do You Have It?

Like many OCD sufferers, I did not realize I have OCD until I had struggled with it for nearly a decade. How, you ask, could someone have a crippling disorder for that long and not know what it was?

Well, there are several reasons. First of all, living with OCD just became my “normal.” I knew something was wrong with me, but I developed ways of coping with it, and soldiered on. It was only when I bought the book Brain Lock by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz that I was able to diagnose myself with OCD. In the book, he tells a lot of detailed stories about his patients and what he went through. I read those stories and identified with them so much that I knew I must have OCD. That lead to me reading more books on the disorder, and listening to a podcast called The OCD Stories. All of this further confirmed my self-diagnosis.

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The Dan Leigh Show 001: Introduction and What To Expect

In the first ever episode of The Dan Leigh Show, I tell you a bit about myself, and let you know what to expect from the show.

I plan to start off with 10 to 15 minute episodes, each one devoted to a specific topic or question. I might branch off into having guest interviews later on, and if I do that then the shows will need to be longer. There is no way I could fully interview a gust in 10 to 15 minutes! But, for the time being I want to focus on shorter solo episodes.

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