The Dan Leigh Show 008: Book Review – No Shortcuts to the Top

I recently read a book called No Shortcuts to the Top by mountaineer Ed Viesturs, and was blown away!

Ed is a seemingly regular guy who decided to dedicate his life to climbing the world’s tallest mountains. He has scaled all fourteen 8000 meter peaks. By the end of the book, Ed and his climbing partner Vekka were the only survivors. All of the other climbers featured prominently in the book had died in the mountains.

Why? Why did Ed survive when so many other climbers perished?

There are many reasons, including sheer luck, and in this episode I reveal my best guesses as to why Ed survived.

I learned many lessons from this book, and they are lessons that I know will help me deal with the obstacles and “mountains” in my own life. I hope you find this episode useful, and I highly recommend you check out No Shortcuts to the Top so you can learn from Ed’s wisdom!


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Note: This is not an affiliate link, and I get no compensation if you buy through this link. I am simply recommending this book because I think it is awesome!


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