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The Dan Leigh Show 008: Book Review – No Shortcuts to the Top

I recently read a book called No Shortcuts to the Top by mountaineer Ed Viesturs, and was blown away!

Ed is a seemingly regular guy who decided to dedicate his life to climbing the world’s tallest mountains. He has scaled all fourteen 8000 meter peaks. By the end of the book, Ed and his climbing partner Vekka were the only survivors. All of the other climbers featured prominently in the book had died in the mountains.

Why? Why did Ed survive when so many other climbers perished?

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The Dan Leigh Show 007: The Difference Between Formal and Informal Mindfulness Practice

I have gotten tremendous benefits from mindfulness practice. Mindfulness has grown in popularity in recent years, partly because of the increased stress of modern life. However, one aspect of mindfulness practice that can be confusing is the use of the terms “formal” and “informal” mindfulness practice. The short description is that formal mindfulness practice involves meditation, while informal mindfulness practice involves turning everyday activities into mindfulness practices. But, it is a bit more complicated than that!

In this episode, I clear up and confusion you might have regarding these two distinct types of mindfulness practice.

You will learn: 

• Why informal mindfulness practice is often more formal than the name implies

• Which specific types of mindfulness meditation constitute formal practice
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The Dan Leigh Show 006: The Skinny on Organic Foods

Organic foods are getting increasingly popular these days, but do you ever get confused about them? What foods should you buy organic? Are organic foods worth the extra money?

In this episode, I answer those questions and more.

You will learn:

• Why buying organic foods is putting your money in the right place

• What organic certification actually means

• Why some foods are better than organic, but do not have the certification

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The Dan Leigh Show 005: 7 Lessons I Have Learned From Starting My Own Business

Growing up, I never thought of myself as the type of person who would start a business. My father was a business professor, but none of my relatives did anything entrepreneurial. As an adult, I have found myself incredibly drawn to the freedom and creativity of working for myself.

In my early 20’s, I recorded my first album. I found myself with a business, even though I hadn’t planned it that way! I had to find people who would want to listen to my music, and I was dreadfully unprepared to be running a business.

Fast forward a little over a decade, and I find myself beginning a career as a author. I have soaked up as much business knowledge as I can over the last few years, and have experimented quite a bit. Business is all about personal growth, and so is life. As a result, I have found starting and running a business to be one of the greatest things I have ever done for myself on a personal level.

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The Dan Leigh Show 004: The Importance of Nature for Mental Health

In the time since I released my book Tame Your Anxiety to the public, I have been a bit surprised by the feedback in one particular way. I have received compliments on the chapters on breathing, mindfulness, diet, and challenging your fears. However, I haven’t received any feedback about my chapter on nature. Nature has been one of the most important parts of my own ongoing recover from OCD, and for me it might just be the most important part.

Unfortunately, our modern culture divorces us from nature as soon as we are born. A few of us are lucky enough to have parents who fully appreciate nature, but most of us do not have that sort of upbringing. We live in houses with neatly manicured yards, and out idea of “getting out in nature” is a visit to a park with two acres of green space and a couple of trees…right in the middle of the city!

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The Dan Leigh Show 003: Treating Anxiety with Lifestyle Changes

I give you an introduction to my book “Tame Your Anxiety.” The book is based around my belief that anxiety problems are mostly caused by habits and lifestyle. We have a lot to deal with in our modern world, and a lot of what we deal with causes us anxiety!

In this episode, I give you a taste of the different “life areas” I cover in the book. Diet, exercise, breathing, mindfulness and more are covered. The idea is to form new habits that support healthy anxiety levels. An added bonus is that you will improve many aspects of your life simultaneously as you work to improve your anxiety. By learning to breathe properly, your overall health will improve. By reducing the amount of processed foods in your diet, you will most likely lose weight and feel more vital.

By forming new, beneficial habits you will crowd out the harmful habits that are supporting your chronic anxiety.

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