The Dan Leigh Show 005: 7 Lessons I Have Learned From Starting My Own Business

Growing up, I never thought of myself as the type of person who would start a business. My father was a business professor, but none of my relatives did anything entrepreneurial. As an adult, I have found myself incredibly drawn to the freedom and creativity of working for myself.

In my early 20’s, I recorded my first album. I found myself with a business, even though I hadn’t planned it that way! I had to find people who would want to listen to my music, and I was dreadfully unprepared to be running a business.

Fast forward a little over a decade, and I find myself beginning a career as a author. I have soaked up as much business knowledge as I can over the last few years, and have experimented quite a bit. Business is all about personal growth, and so is life. As a result, I have found starting and running a business to be one of the greatest things I have ever done for myself on a personal level.

In this episode, I go over 7 of the most important lessons I have learned from starting my own business. I also explain how these lessons can apply to nearly everything in life.

The 7 lessons are…

Lesson 1: You most likely already know enough to proceed.

Lesson 2: Everything that provides big benefits or helps you grow lies outside of your comfort zone

Lesson 3: A task will expand to fill the time you allot for it.

Lesson 4: Self-Discipline is great, but it’s not good to be too hard on yourself

Lesson 5: We are much more motivated by a desire to contribute than by a desire to make money

Lesson 6: Do what you really want to do, or you will pay eventually

Lesson 7: The skills for personal growth you use in business can be used in every part of your life

Resources and Links

Tony Robbins: One of my favorite personal development gurus. It seems like every successful entrepreneur has spent some time studying this man!

Brian Tracy: Another of my favorites in the personal development field. He gives very practical advice, and explains it succinctly.



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